The Evolution Of Feeding Habits

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Human evolution

Let's face it, our dynamic and modern life has shortened our feeding time, and brought new activities to the table which additionally occupy our hands during eating. Regardless of the long-established protocol for eating with a knife and fork, our behavior at the table has evolved over time and created a new approach to eating. The new approach is to eat with one hand only - using a fork to tear off a bite before spearing it. We all do it from time to time. Cutting food with an ordinary fork can be a tough task and unnecessarily agonizing. And eating, nested deeply in our sub conscious, is the most intimate and influential process for the human being. That's why it is of great importance that this process is facilitated as much as possible. And while our overall evolution has forced us to adapt our practices at the table, our eating utensils were never adapted! The question is, can we keep up with our evolution and still have an ease of feeding?

A missing link

Thanks to a single invention that allows you first to cut and then to spear your food you can eat with no stress using only one of your hands. Although it is designed as a fork with standard shape and dimensions, it comprises a unique innovation - the combination of the spearing and the cutting functions of the classical fork and knife. An innovation that comes pretty late in the terms of evolution of human eating. In our constantly evolving life both nutrition and eating habits have evolved, yet there is no evolution whatsoever in the eating utensils for centuries.

The solution

After years of research and development we are proud to present to you Rezbod, a reliable, durable and comfortable eating utensil. It has a contemporary design and is completely safe and natural to use. Rezbod provides a magical solution without changing any of the typical movements of the hand during both actions - spearing and cutting. When used for spearing or scooping its blade is closed and Rezbod is as safe as any fork. The cutting function of Rezbod is activated manually only when the utensil is in lateral position. The blade opens when the index finger is placed over the handle to apply cutting pressure - precisely as in handling a knife. Once the cutting is done and the index finger is removed from the handle Rezbod automatically turns back into a stylish fork that can be used in perfect harmony with any table knife. All this is possible because of highly reliable mechanics fully inbuilt inside. Made from high grades stainless steel that complies with food service safety regulations, Rezbod is washable by hand as well as in a dishwasher.

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